Public sector grounds maintenance operations worldwide are gearing up for electrification, for health, the environment and the economy. But questions remain:

  • When is the right time to make the switch to electric grounds keeping?
  • What is the right electric landscaping equipment to invest in?
  • What are the best practices for electric landscaping operations that will make your transition successful?

Proven experience to guide your organisation through the electric landscaping transition.

Through decades of running the Silent Gardener business, Certified Landscaper Sheldon Ridout has amassed a wealth of real-world experience in low-carbon, low-noise electrification solutions for grounds maintenance. Now this experience is being offered to select public sector organisations including:

  • Municipalities
  • School Boards
  • Park Boards
  • Academic Institutions

Find out more and get started today.

Silent Gardener Consulting Packages are tailored to your organisation’s needs, with options ranging from half-day seminars to multi-day education and training packages for key staff and stakeholders. Modules can include:

  • Why Electrify, and Why Not? – A Review of the Impacts
  • Assessing your Workload – Effective Replacement of Gas with Battery Electric
  • Purchasing Battery Powered Equipment That Performs – A Technology Review
  • Operations Best Practices – Charging, Maintenance and Training
  • The Long View – Recycling, Replacement and Updates