Strata Property Maintenance
We are the only landscape maintenance company in Metro Vancouver able to care for large properties without the use of noisy, polluting gas-powered equipment. This makes our services for your strata easy to take for residents and neighbours alike. Services specially suited to stratas include:

  • Biological pest controls
  • Organic fertilizers and composted mulch installation.

Commercial Property Maintenance
Comparing landscape services, property managers have a lot to think about – reliability, price, track record, expertise – and we put our credentials up against those criteria every day. But where The Silent Gardener Ltd. Really makes a difference is in the sustainability of our processes. It’s the landscape management solution for the future.

  • Our 100% electric vans come and go with quiet precision.
  • Large-scale electric equipment makes short work of big properties

Green Roof Maintenance
The Silent Gardener is certified and qualified to help keep your green roof green, including experience with various green roof systems, fall protection certification and xeriscape (low water) landscaping. Green roof service duties can include:

  • Removal of weeds
  • Re-sowing of empty spaces

Garden Design & Installation
The Silent Gardener can help choose the right plants for the right conditions and create gardens that are beautiful to look at and easy to maintain. Some of our garden designs can include:

  • Xeriscape (low water) gardens
  • Shade tolerant gardens
  • Ornamental shrubs and hedges
  • Pollinator-friendly gardens and beekeeping